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Food Drive!

We collected food for the benefit of Saint Mary's Food Bank during these trying times and our students came through with an amazing turn out!Congrats to 3rd Grade for their win.

  • Total of 1,176.8 pounds collected!!
  • 3rd grade won our contest with 316.0 pounds!
  • Other grade results (all amazing!): K = 118.8, 1st = 148.4, 2nd = 191.8, 4th = 249.4, 5th = 152.4
  • Penguin Patch!

    We are so excited to let students experience the joy of giving while learning budgeting. Our shop has holiday gifts for every person in your family including your favorite fluffy friends! This is a fun, family experience and your child will love trying to keep you from peeking. The package can be addressed to your child and shipped directly to your home in adorable "Special Delivery" packaging ... your child will be so excited watching for the mail each day!