Chair Positions


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Back to School Event/Membership Drive:

  • Publicize event to Redfield families
  • Work with Membership committee to make sure forms/process for recruiting new PTO members is in place
  • Set up tables for PTO area
  • Decorate (with balloons, signage, etc)
  • Sell PTO items (tshirts, water bottles, school supplies, etc) if desired
  • Work with Back to School Event Chair on logistics for membership recruitment at event
  • Create form for new members (may include info for student directory or other)

First Day Back Chat:

  • Create flier to promote event
  • Coordinate with school on location for Flagpole area etc…
  • Provide/supply/obtain donations of breakfast foods/drinks/Kleenex/plates/napkins/other giveaways to provide at the Breakfast
  • Coordinate with Membership Drive committee to have them at the Breakfast
  • Provide/copy fliers or other information needed for new Redfield parents


  • Coordinate/reserve cafeteria for event
  • Recruit volunteers to help set up/run event
  • Recruit teachers or Principal or other as “BINGO” callers
  • Obtain donations of prizes to give out at event
  • Copy/prepare “BINGO” cards and chips
  • Set up for event (tables, cards, etc)
  • Promote event with fliers, morning announcements, stickers home on the kids, etc
  • Provides/supply/obtain donations for food and supplies to be sold at event

Spring Splash

  • Determine what committees are needed to help coordinate event
  • Recruit volunteers/committee members
  • Determine date/time/location/custodian (reserve with school)
  • Logistics – obtain parking/lighting/permits, etc
  • Promote event with fliers/signs/announcements/other
  • Coordinate ticket pre-sales
  • Coordinate with Room Parent Coordinator to get Room Parents to each chair a booth at the event
  • Make sure all game supplies/prizes are provided
  • Determine what food/drinks will be sold at what prices
  • Purchase/obtain donations of items to be sold
  • Secure inflatables/tents etc
  • Set up/clean up day of event

Movie Nights

  • Coordinate/reserve area for event
  • Recruit volunteers to help set up/run event
  • Determine/obtain movie and set up projector
  • Set up for event (tables, projector, etc)
  • Promote event with fliers, morning announcements, stickers home on the kids, etc
  • Provides/supply/obtain donations for food to be sold at event
  • Event set up/clean up

Website/Jamey Dougall

  • Maintain website
  • Update site to promote events, online membership registration, etc
  • Communicate with event chairs on event dates, etc.
  • Market website usage by PTO members
  • Update weekly events on website

Teacher Appreciation Week

  • Organize/communicate with room parents on school-wide way to show teacher appreciation during “national teacher appreciation week”
  • Provide supplies to room parents if needed

Restaurant Partner Representative/Michelle and Tracy

  • Research/choose restaurant partners for “restaurant nights” that give at least 20% back to Redfield
  • Prepare fliers/communications to encourage families to attend “restaurant nights”
  • Prepare stickers/distribute for teachers to send home on students the day of event

5th Grade Farewell

  • Determine space/time/date/location for “Farewell Breakfast”
  • Determine/purchase/get donated food/drinks, etc for breakfast event
  • Coordinate, obtain and prepare slide show for baby pictures of 5th graders – by soliciting photos from families (if desired)
  • Provide/supply plates/napkins/cups, etc.
  • Set up/take down (tables, tablecloths, centerpieces, decorations, etc)
  • Determine “program” for event

5th Grade Tile Project

  • Purchase tiles and paint as needed
  • Work with 5th grade teachers/students to have students paint their tiles
  • Arrange storage until tiles are dry
  • Solicit/coordinate volunteers as needed
  • Hang tiles with mortar once dry


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