Redfield PTO, Inc.



Article I – Name and Location


Section 1.  The name of the organization is the Redfield PTO, Inc., a not-for-profit (non-profit) organized under the laws of Arizona.  It will be referred to as the “Redfield PTO”

Section 2.  The primary office of the Redfield PTO shall be listed as Redfield Elementary School, 9181 E Redfield Rd., Scottsdale, AZ85260.  This shall be used for all official documents including contracts, tax returns and bank statements.

Article II – Purpose


Section 1.  The purpose of the Redfield PTO is to directly support the Redfield students, faculty and staff through volunteerism and fundraising.


A.  To support School Goals by helping to create a safe and fun learning environment.

  1. B.   To foster a closer relationship between home and school and to encourage parents and teachers to work as a team in educating the students attending Redfield Elementary School.

  1. C.   To promote Character Education at school and at home.

  1. D.   To encourage partnerships within the community that support and promote a successful learning environment.

  1. E.    To give parents the ability to become actively involved in the education of their child by offering ongoing community communications as well as volunteer opportunities.

Section 2.  Objectives and goals shall be established each year as a method of generating and allocating funds.

Section 3.   Redfield PTO is organized exclusively for the charitable, literary, or educational purposes with the meaning of section 501© (3) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding Section of any future Federal tax code and must abide by all the rules and regulations.  


Article III – Membership and Dues


Section 1.  Redfield PTO is a Membership Organization and is available to any Redfield household, staff or faculty member who applies for enrollment.

Section 2.  Redfield PTO dues will be approved by the Board of Directors as a part of each year’s fiscal budget.

Section 3.  Redfield PTO will conduct a membership drive at the beginning of each school year; however persons may be admitted to membership at any time during the year with the dues as designated by the Board of Directors.

Section 4.  Each member of the Redfield PTO shall pay dues annually as established by the Board of Directors.  Dues for staff and faculty shall be waived.

Section 5.  Only members of Redfield PTO shall be eligible to vote in the business meetings, or elections, or to serve in any of its elective or appointive positions.


Article IV – Policies and Procedures


Section 1.  Basic Policies


  1. A.   Redfield PTO shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian and nonpartisan.  The name of the organization or the names of any members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest.

  1. B.   Redfield PTO shall not lobby for or against any legislation or participate in any political campaign.  Redfield PTO may inform its members of pending legislation or campaigns that involve children’s issues in a by-partisan manner, including voting locations, etc. to encourage individual participation.

  1. C.   Any contracts binding Redfield PTO must be approved by the Board of Directors and signed by the President and one other Board Member.  Any contracts entered into must comply with all laws and regulations governing Redfield PTO.

  1. D.   The Board of Directors shall be authorized to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered by a Board Member’s business, but those members must abstain from voting on policy that benefits their business or any other organization with which they are associated.

  1. E.   The Redfield PTO Bylaws may be amended, proposal for amendments, repealed or altered by a simple majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Notice of the proposed changes should occur at least two weeks prior to a Board Meeting.  The General Membership should be informed of any Bylaw changes.  A simple majority vote of the Board of Directors shall approve any amendment, repeal or alteration of the Bylaws.  The proposed changes shall be made available to the general public via at least two methods of distribution 30 days prior to the vote.  Distribution may be the school newsletter, Redfield PTO website, Friday Folders, Board Meeting or other approved method as directed by the Board.

Section 2.  Recordkeeping


  1. A.   Official Redfield PTO records shall be maintained in the administrative offices of Redfield Elementary School, including the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, copies of Income Tax Returns, Board of Director Meeting minutes and Financial Statements.

  1. B.   The Secretary or another member designated by the Board is responsible for maintaining and updating records.

  1. C.   As a 501© (3) non-profit organization, all records of Redfield PTO are public and may be reviewed by members and non-members upon request.

  1. D.   A notebook for each Board Position and Committee shall be provided to maintain records of that office or committee.  The updated notebook is passed to the new volunteer before the end of each fiscal year.


Section 3.  Finance  


  1. A.   The Fiscal year begins July 1

  1. B.   The Budget must be approved before new spending can occur in any fiscal year.

  1. C.   Only the President, Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Vice President of Finance may sign checks.  Any necessary bank forms such as signature cards must be revised by the beginning of each fiscal year.  If an officer resigns, then the Secretary assumes the check signing responsibility and the bank forms are revised immediately until such time as the vacant position is filled.

  1. D.   Checks are issued by the Treasurer.  If the Treasurer is unavailable for more than one week, then the Redfield PTO checkbook is turned over to the Executive Vice President until the Treasurer is able to fulfill the duties.

  1. E.   Payments and reimbursements must be presented to the Committee Chairman for approval. A Payment/Reimbursement Request Form will be presented to the Treasurer who will sign, file and release for payment.  The chairperson will keep a copy for their notebook.  Any expenditure that deviates from the budget must be approved by the Board.  Requests over $250 must have the signature of the Chairman of the requesting committee and the V.P. of Finance.

  1. F.   Once a month the VP of Finance must compare the bank statement to the receipt book, payment/reimbursement forms, and budget.

  1. G.   At any event where cash or checks are received, the Committee Chairman and one other board member must count and document the income received immediately following the event.  Then a Redfield PTO Event Income Form is itemized, signed and dated by both people and given as soon as possible to the Treasurer or VP of Finance to deposit into the Redfield PTO checking account.  A copy of the form and a receipt from the Treasurer are kept with the Committee Notebook.

  1. H.   In the event the substantial Redfield PTO supplies or products are stolen or Redfield PTO funds are missing, then a police report must be filed immediately.

  1. I.    All supplies and equipment purchased by Redfield PTO is property of Redfield PTO unless noted by the Board.  Items shall not be sold, rented or loaned to individuals or other organizations unless approved by the Board.

  1. J.    At the end of each fiscal year, the treasury shall be no less than $5000.


Article V – Board of Directors


Section 1.  Board of Directors


  1. A.   The Board consists of those members as outlined on the Redfield PTO Organization Chart (Executive Board Members and Committee Chairs), which may be modified by a majority of the Board, but may not total fewer than fifteen members.

  1. B.   The Board shall transact the business necessary for the successful implementation of Redfield PTO policy in accordance with the Bylaws, including the creation and elimination of committees, adopting a budget, authorizing an audit and approving routine bills.

  1. C.   Executive Board positions are limited to one per member household.

  1. D.   Each position shall count as one vote.  In the case of a co-chair, only one vote is permitted in an Executive Board Meeting.

  1. E.   No member may hold the same position for more than two (2) consecutive years.  An exception will be made in the event that the position cannot be filled before the end of the fiscal year.

  1. F.   The Board of Directors may remove and replace any member who fails to attend three consecutive Board Meetings as defined in Article 7, Section 1.

  1. G.   In the case of a vacancy of the President, it shall be filled by the Executive Vice President for the remainder of the term.  Other vacancies shall be filled by appointment by a majority vote of the Board.  If the remainder of the term is greater than 3 calendar months, this will be considered the first year of service.

  1. H.   The President of the Redfield PTO must have served at least one year as a member of the Redfield PTO Executive Board.

Section 2.  Executive Board   


  1. A.   President

The President(s) is the chief executive officer of the Redfield PTO and shall preside at all meetings of the Members and Board of Directors.  He or she shall, subject to the control of the Board of Directors, have executive powers and general supervision over the affairs of the Redfield PTO.  The president shall have the power to appoint individuals to act as chairmen of standing committees and shall be an ex officio of all standing committees, except the Nominating Committee.  If at any time the President is a shared position between two people, they shall share all duties of the Presidency and each shall be considered a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors with a full voting position.  The President shall vote only in the case of a tie.

  1. B.   Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President has the power to perform all of the duties of the president in the absence or inability of the president to perform his/her duties.  He/She will perform duties from time to time that may be assigned to him/her by the President or the Board of Directors.

  1. C.   Secretary

The Secretary will record, submit for approval and publish the minutes of all the Executive Board Meetings and General Meetings;  will preserve all records, books, documents and communications of the Redfield PTO and perform such other duties as assigned him/her by the President or Board of Directors.  The secretary shall serve as the Chairperson of the Membership Committee and will maintain the membership list.   In the case of the Secretary’s absence, the Secretary shall designate another member to perform his/her duties.  If the Secretary has not designated another member prior to the meeting, the President shall designate a member to perform  such duties.

  1. D.   Treasurer

The Treasurer will have custody of all Redfield PTO funds; will keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures; and in accordance with the budget adopted by the Board will make payments and reimbursements.  The Treasurer will be responsible for the maintenance of such books of account and records as is required by the Internal Revenue Code.

  1. E.    Vice Presidents

Each Vice President will oversee the committees that are directly under them on the Redfield PTO Organization Chart.  They will help committee chairs create and maintain timelines and budgets according to the by-laws and for their events as well as report on the progress of these committees to the executive board in the absence of a committee chair.  They are responsible for approving all payments and reimbursements before submission to the Treasurer. The Vice President does not need to serve on each committee that they oversee.  They will perform the duties specific to their Division of the duties of the Executive Board.  Each Vice President is a member of the Executive Board and may appoint an assistant to their position as they see fit.

a)    Vice President of Events

  • Will oversee Committees as designated by the Board

  • Will perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

b)    Vice President of Finance

  • Will oversee Committees as designated by the Board

  • Will over see the finances and help draft the budget.

  • Will assist in creating budgets as necessary for any or all committees

  • Will present a financial statement at every Board Meeting and at other times as requested by the Board.

  • Will perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

c)    Vice President of  Fundraising

  • Will oversee Committees as designated by the Board

  • Will assist in maintaining budgets as necessary for all fundraising committees.

  • Will perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors

d)    Vice President of Procedures

  • Will oversee Committees as designated by the Board

  • Will act as Parliamentarian using Robert’s Rules of Order except where those rules conflict with the law, Redfield PTO bylaws or rules established by the Board.

  • Will assist in controlling inventories of Redfield PTO supplies and products.

  • Will perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

e)    Vice President of Communications

  • Will oversee Committees as designated by the Board

  • Will assist in keeping all committees updated on events and happenings as well as contacting outside sources with such information.

  • Will be responsible for helping to maintain and project a positive image of Redfield and the Redfield PTO.

  • Will perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.

f)     Vice President of Volunteers

  • Will oversee Committees as designated by the Board

  • Will create and maintain volunteer lists and keep a database of volunteer names and numbers for each committee.

  • Will establish a policy for thanking volunteers on each level.

  • Will hold an orientation meeting at the beginning of each school year for all Committee Chairs to distribute volunteer lists and present current policies.

  • Will perform such other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.


Section 3.  Standing Committees


  1. A.   The EXECUTIVE BOARD shall consist of the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Communications, VP of Events, VP of Finance, VP of Fundraising, VP of Procedures and VP of Volunteers.

  1. B.   The FINANCE COMMITTEE shall consist of the Treasurer, VP of Finance, VP of Fundraising, Chairpersons of Fundraising committees, and two additional Board Members.

  1. C.   The NOMINATING COMMITTEE          shall consist of two Board Members, two General Members and a Teacher Representative.

  1. D.   The ADVISORY COMMITTEE shall consist of one Administrative Representative, one Teacher Representative, and a Student Council Representative.  These positions are non- voting.

Section 4.  Elections

  1. A.   The Nominating Committee shall be formed prior to the beginning of the election process for the next school year.

  1. B.   The Nominating Committee shall begin the nominations process no later than March 1st.

  1. C.   All candidates for a seat on the Executive Board must make their intentions known to the Nominating Committee by a deadline that will be determined by the committee and listed in the Redfield Cardinal with at least two weeks’ notice.  The Nominating Committee shall ascertain the eligibility of each candidate and publish a list of candidates in the Redfield Cardinal. If there is a single slate of officers for the following year, they may be approved by voice vote at a designated membership meeting.

  1. D.   If there is more than one qualified candidate for an Executive Board seat, the Nominating Committee shall inform all of those seeking the office of the nomination of other candidates, including their names.  If more than candidate remains 48 hours after the notifications, the office shall be filled by ballot.

  1. E.   If a ballot is to be used for a contested Executive Board seat, these procedures are to be followed in order to ensure maximum participation in the election.  A statement, not to exceed 200words shall appear in the Redfield Cardinal at least twice.  These essays shall be printed exactly as submitted.

  1. F.   A Question and Answer Forum for a contested election may be included at the May General Meeting at which the vote for officers takes place.

  1. G.   The Redfield Cardinal shall also print the balloting instructions at least twice. The Nominating Committee will design a ballot and ballot envelope. Placement of candidate names on the ballot shall be done by random chance (such as a coin flip).  The ballot envelope shall provide for a listing of the names and grades of the students in the family and the signature of a parent.  On the election weekend, ballots and ballot envelopes shall be sent home with the Redfield Cardinal on a designated Friday or available for pick up at the school office on that designated Friday.

  1. H.   One ballot per family shall be returned to the school no later than the end of the regular school day on the following Monday.  Ballots and envelopes shall also be distributed to and collected from faculty and staff members on the same schedule.

  1. I.    Two members of the Nominating Committee will be designated to collect and secure the ballots.  The entire Nominating Committee will meet at its earliest convenience to verify and count ballots. Committee members shall ensure that no family has voted more than once and each ballot is from an enrolled Redfield PTO member.  Any subsequent ballots from one family after the first shall be discarded.  Each candidate may designate a representative (other than him/herself) to observe the counting of the ballots.

  1. J.    The Nominating Committee shall establish a procedure for deciding the election in the event of a tie vote.

  1. K.   Each candidate shall be immediately informed of the results.  The final totals shall be posted on the Redfield PTO website within 24 hours and published in the next issue of the Redfield Cardinal.

  1. L.   A joint Board Meeting of the incoming and outgoing members shall be held before the last day of the school year at which time procedural notebooks will be exchanged.  The new Board assumes their duties at the beginning of the fiscal year.



Article VI– Meetings


Section 1.  Board Meetings


  1. A.   A board meeting may be held at least once a month with the times and location to be approved by the board of at the beginning of each fiscal year.

  1. B.   All board meetings are public and members must be informed in accordance with Arizona Law with at least two weeks notice and an agenda published one week in advance.

Section 2.  General Meetings


The Redfield PTO will hold at least 2 general meetings a year.  One in the fall to inform members of the goals and objectives of the Redfield PTO, and one in the spring for elections.  The time and location shall be determined by the Board and the members informed in Accordance with Arizona Law with at least two weeks notice and an agenda published one week in advance.

Section 3.  Committee Meetings


            Special and standing committees may meet at any time without notifying the entire board.  However, no policy can be enacted without Board approval.  All members of each committee shall be notified of any committee meeting.


Section 5.  Quorums/Voting

At any meeting of the general membership, those members entitled to a vote at the present meeting, present and in person, shall constitute a quorum.  A simple majority vote is needed to pass any resolution voted upon at the meeting

Article VII – Dissolution


In the event of the dissolution of the Redfield PTO, its assets shall be distributed for one or more of the exempt purposes specified in the Internal Revenue Code.