The Cardinal Dash has Launched!

Our 1st Reward Goal is to get all students registered.

Students get a prize, and classrooms with 100% sign-up get a Popsicle Party. 
All you have to do is go to Easy to use on smartphones and tablets!
Step 1: Click on “SIGN UP”

Step 2: Create Parent Account

Step 3: Click on “Register a Student”

Step 4: Enter School Code 954-519

 or Search for Redfield

That’s it! Your student has earned a prize and their class is closer to enjoying a tasty frozen treat and you can share their pledge page with friends and family across the country.

Be sure to watch this fun video about the Big World Recess program. (


Cardinal Dash Pep Rally, Friday, 10/23

Cardinal Dash 2015 Logo - LoColor

2pm, Amphitheatre

Our Redfield PTO major fundraiser is beginning tomorrow!  We hope you can join us for the Pep Rally on 10/23 and cheer for our Redfield students!  Look for a Pledgebook to come home Friday as well to learn more about this year’s event.

Students will get pledges for every lap they hope to run, and have the opportunity to earn prizes,  and then we’ll celebrate at the Cardinal Dash Fun Run on 11/3. Students will also experience Big World Recess, a global fitness theme about healthy traits for success.

Parents–WE NEED YOU!  Please sign up to distribute prizes to classrooms next week. The Fun Run will be a success with YOUR HELP. Please Visit our Sign Up Genius to volunteer for a shift!

We hope to see you there!