Giant Rustic Pizza Fundraiser

Giant rustic pizzaaaaa-243x300Happy Thanksgiving! After the festive meal and a few days of enjoying delicious leftovers we thought we would offer you a way to help Redfield PTO while giving you a break from the kitchen.

Pick up a pizza from Giant Rustic Pizza or have it delivered.

Sunday, December 1st
4pm to 9pm
Located in the Safeway Center
14626 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Click here for voucher

Accelerated Reading Update

During the first trimester you have read 28,012,555 words!  It is an increase of nearly 10,000,000 from the first trimester last year!

Twenty-eight Redfield readers are off to a tremendous start this year in their quest for the millionaire’s club.  Please congratulate them on their accomplishment. The Redfield PTO uses funds from our book fairs to support the Accelerated Reading Program.

Noel S Blum 1,685,596
Alex Z Newman 1,032,513
Jakob T Newman 1,026,460
Trevor R Blum 875666
Hailey J Meditz 845803
Evelyn C Blum 767566
Safiyya M Gilbert 760081
Kira L Meditz 587736
Carmen C Blum 545888
Adam B Blum 528161
Hemish M Blum 526376
Logan J Newman 502032
Alyssa C Meditz 501571
Elaine B Meditz 487062
Abriana M Meditz 478771
Aubrey O  Ritt 444855
Matthew P Meditz 428578
Dylan P Ney 416129
Yorick H Newman 379583
Max S Meditz 371739
Vivian P Blum 358829
Jordan S Newman 358656
Lily K Newman 353466
Garrett H Parsons 346083
Joanna H Meditz 326339
Grant T Hauptman 324664
Nevaeh F Meditz 322691
Elise S Ney 302803

Thanksgiving Lunch

Redfield Thanksgiving Lunch 2013

Class                           Cafeteria              Playground
Kraatz, Carpenter, Parsons, Blum          10:15-10:45            10:45-11:00
Nevins, Moss, Vandenheuvel                10:50-11:20            11:20-11:35
Ellis, Zachary, Miller                    11:15-11:45             11:45-12:00
Ritt, Hedrick, Hauptman, Meditz           11:40-12:10             12:10-12:25
Skinner, Mooney, Ney, Newman             12:05-12:35            12:35-12:50
Gilbert, Laak, Albers, Beuerlein          12:30-1:00              1:00-1:15
Important – adult and sibling price is $4.00.  The student price is $2.50. 
Student tickets cannot be used for adults and siblings!
This is not a PTO event. Please contact the school office with any questions.
Please click on Signup Genius below to volunteer